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Collection: Passionfruit Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Grown in tropical and subtropical regions, passion fruit is a flavorful and tart fruit that pairs well with a variety of other flavors. carries a variety of e-juices that star or are infused with passion fruit flavor. Whether you're looking for an enjoyable flavor, want a chilled e-liquid or seek a salt nicotine e-juice, there's a passion fruit variety for you.

Passion Fruit E-Juice Delivers a Sweet and Tart Taste

Combining 3 classic tropical flavors, Simple E-Fruit Passion Fruit Coconut Pineapple provides a tasty profile that hits the flavor centers of your taste buds perfectly.

For a smoothie-like vaping experience, turn to 1957 by Vape of a Kind, which brings together Hawaiian-style guava, strawberry and passion fruit flavors for a rich and tart experience. 

Find the Best Passion Fruit E-Liquid to Suit Your Cravings

Made with 100% certified organic VG, organic flavor extracts and nicotine extracted from organically grown U.S. tobacco, Essence Vapor Luscious Lemonade provides peace of mind while vaping. Its flavor medley of freshly squeezed lemonade infused with strawberries and passion fruit add a sweet and tangy taste to your inhale.

If you prefer a cooling sensation with your vape experience, Naked 100 Hawaiian POG on Ice combines passion fruit, orange and guava with chilling menthol. If you like a chill inhale with high-nicotine content, Fruit Pops Frozen Passion Salt e-liquid delivers a cool exhale and is made with salt nicotine.

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