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Collection: Salty Man Vapor eJuice

Salty Man Vapor eJuice is a premium eLiquid manufacturer based out of sunny California. The line was created by award-winning manufacturers, hosting twelve extremely complex and flavorful profiles.

All of their vaping products are infused with smooth blends of Nicotine Salts, with high and low nicotine options. You can get as….Salty as you want to be!
Blue's Lemonade is one of their premium stars: an ode to our favorite sweet blue raspberry candies. The flavor is rich and fruity and will keep you craving for months to come. A high-quality fusion of unique blue raspberry lemonade and nicotine salts.

Marshmallow Crispy is also a must-try! An incredible desert based flavoring that combines the perfect sweet taste of old fashioned rice crispy treats with the delicate mushy qualities of marshmallows.

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