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Collection: Silverback Juice Co eLiquids


In an industry of established brands and timeless vape juice flavors, it is difficult for a new brand to find success. Silverback Juice Co. has defied those odds and landed on the scene with their line of 120ml vape juice flavors. Since their initial addition to online stores, customers all over have chosen Silverback Juice Co. vape juice as their All Day Vape(ADV). These consistent sales have made stores take notice and the brand began spreading across the nation, seeing its popularity increase with each new customer that discovered this competitively priced 120ml bottle that didn’t sacrifice flavor. Learn more about this rising vape juice brand by scrolling down past the collection.



Silverback Juice Co. was introduced to the industry with their new 120ml bottles in 2018 and the brand of vape juice was quickly picked up by online retailers. Their delicious and powerful vape juice flavors combined with 120ml bottles that were priced to compete with 60ml bottles on the market caused vapers everywhere to take notice. Since then they have seen a huge rise in popularity, making them go from a barely noticed online name to being sold in vape stores across the country and even being sold worldwide to fans all over.



While the brand has not been around long, Silverback Juice Co. vape juice has made a sizable impact on the industry. Since its introduction, Silverback Juice Co. has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, going from a brand new no name brand to a common in store name. Quickly moving from a brand that was almost exclusively seen online, to in store sales around the country, and even now to sales across the world, Silverback Juice Co. vape juice has done something that few others have and that is enter an already saturated market and differentiate itself from the competition. A terrific choice for any vaper who wants to see what a dedication to flavor quality and reasonable pricing can do for a brand.



Rocky Vape Juice

The flagship flavor for the Silverback Juice Co. vape juice line, Rocky, is a must try for anyone who enjoys a good milkshake flavor in their vape juice. An epic blend of strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream, combined with a generous helping of baked banana oatmeal cookies, you won’t want to put this juice down when you find out all that flavor comes with no calories or lactose. Rocky has dragged the Silverback Juice Co. brand to new heights and doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all. Give Rocky a try today, but don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews from customers just like you who took the time to test and report back about how much they enjoy this flavor.


Booboo Vape Juice

Booboo is a delectable new vape juice that combines the strong tangy flavor of grape extract and the refreshing smoothness of freshly picked blueberries for an unrivaled vape experience. A perfect vape juice for anyone who enjoys fruit flavors, Booboo is something of an enigma as it may have solved the question of whether or not there is a truly great grape vape juice on the market. If you are intrigued by the possibility, try one of these 120ml bottles today!



Silverback Juice Co. Salt Vape Juice

Along with their main vape juice line, Silverback Juice Co. also carries an assortment of your favorite flavors in Salt Nic variation. A common issue with people switching to vaping from other traditional inhalable tobacco products is the “hit” is different. Nic salts use a different kind of nicotine that tends to give the fuller hit that many people desire without sacrificing any of the flavor. Salt nic flavors also come in much higher nicotine levels for those who require it to get through the day. Nic salts are also a common choice for people who want to vape less often but need the same amount of nicotine their body craves.


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