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Are you ready to try 25mg salt nic? Nicotine salt e-juice couples smooth hits with higher levels of nicotine. Nicotine salt forms naturally in the tobacco leaf and is considered to be the most stable form of nicotine available. This type of nicotine is often mixed with benzoic acid, which lets you enjoy a smooth vape experience by lowing the pH and making this type of e-liquid easier on your throat when you inhale. Plus, it helps the nicotine absorb into your bloodstream quicker for a more satisfying experience overall.

Discover New 25mg Nicotine Salt Juices

Along with a higher level of nicotine, 25mg nic salt e-juice brings flavorful sensations to your palate on the inhale and produces aromatic clouds on the exhale. Each flavor profile is designed to deliver a unique sensation to complement your palate.

Treat yourself to a juicy watermelon flavor or aromatic lavender flavor from Salt Bae eJuice or the sea cucumber taste of Dead Sea e-liquid. 

Find Your Nic Salt Strength

Just like standard flavors, nic salts come in varying strengths to suit your needs. When 50mg feels too high, 25mg nic salts might just be the right choice to help you control your intake. At, you can enjoy a variety of popular brands that deliver the nicotine you crave in a flavor you can enjoy hit after hit.

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