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Collection: Suicide Bunny Premium eLiquids


Suicide Bunny vape juice has found itself as one of the most popular lines to have ever hit the market. Since their inception in the early days of vape culture they have succeeded in staying one of the most relevant brands to date. Designed by renowned vape enthusiast and artisan, Pip Gresham, her flavors like Mother’s Milk which feature a delicious combination of creamy milk and a strawberry finish that many have claimed as their All Day Vape(ADV). The line has earned itself plenty of awards for their quality and flavors. Find out more about the vape juice line that many have claimed as a work of art by scrolling down below the collection.


During the early days of vaping when the community was small and growing, there were surprisingly few flavors on the market. Concerned she and her husband might return to traditional tobacco products due to the lack of flavors, Pip Gresham decided to dedicate her time to developing a new line of vape juice with every flavor artfully crafted to bring a new and exciting high quality vape juice to the industry. Their success made Suicide Bunny a name you saw in vape stores everywhere, making many turn to them for all of their vaping needs.This new line of vape juice caused others to follow suit but none have really captured the artfully designed flavor profiles that are exclusive to the Suicide Bunny vape juice line.



Originally designed during a drought in options for vape juice flavors, the Suicide Bunny line was the first true art form of vape juice to hit the market during the early days of vape culture. Their incredible flavor line offered new and exciting flavors that fans everywhere were claiming as their new ADV. Making waves in the community, this brand has become a staple of the quality that can be achieved when a vaper puts their mind to creating something truly revolutionary, and that is why their fans have remained customers for all of these years. With their fame came the spread of the brand across the country, being seen in vape stores from the east coast to the west coast, and some even distributed across the world. We dare say that Suicide Bunny may be the first brand to really create one of the true works of art in the vape juice industry.



Mother's Milk Vape Juice

Mother’s Milk is the ultimate vape juice flavor developed for the Suicide Bunny line. A delectable combination of creamy custard with strawberry for a dessert vape that will have you finally understanding just where they got the “premium” in their brands name.


Sucker Punch Vape Juice

Sucker Punch is the second top selling flavor from the Suicide Bunny line. This combination of sweet dragon fruit and cream makes for a delightful creamy fruit flavored vape juice experience that will have you ordering your next bottle before you finish you first.


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