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Collection: Sweet Exhale Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

With e-juices bursting with fruity flavor coming from so many popular brands, you know you have a lot of choices. That's why has made it easy to search for your favorite mixes. Our collection of e-juices with a sweet exhale will give you some options. Each of our mixes comes from a reliable manufacturer, so you know you're getting quality ingredients.

Expel Sweetness With Each E-Liquid Hit

Banana Berry Breeze by Method starts with the taste of California strawberries, giving you a fruity flavor. The addition of menthol brings a minty tingle into the mix, and it even gives you the bold taste of natural banana on each exhale.

Fiftyone is a line by C&C that features a solution called Wags. This flavor is designed to taste just like scrumptious wedding cake with vanilla bean ice cream on top. The sweet aroma that is expelled from each puff will surely give you something to celebrate.

Enjoy an Enfuse Vapory Mix

Ebony & Ivory from Enfuse Vapory will have your tongue ready for more. The medley of cookies and cream offers a rich, dessert-inspired offering you won't soon forget. You can even taste the powdered sugar filling that sets this one apart. When you exhale, you'll smell the decadent scent of milk and chocolate sandwich cookies.

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