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The Graham eLiquid

The Graham by Mamasan is definitely a brand that stands out. Their 100ml Graham Slam combines golden graham crackers with creamy milk for a really delicious vape experience that you cannot pass up. It's a really great balance of graham cracker and milk that creates an amazing, non-soggy flavor. It reminds us of dipping a crunchy graham cracker into cold milk.Who doesn't love that?

Also, the Graham Strawberry variant adds a delicious twist with its blend of graham cracker, milk, and strawberry. As it goes in, you get a creamy graham cracker taste; as it goes out, there's a scrumptious smooth, milky finish. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, The Mamasan E-Liquid, founded by Ryan Chalme in 2016, is renowned for its premium, Asian-inspired flavors and high-quality ingredients. 

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