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Uwell Mods and Kits

Based in California, Uwell is committed to providing you with top-quality vape supplies. This company sets itself apart with innovative technology and research that aims to lead the brand to the forefront of the vaping industry. Form starter kits and expansion sets to replacement coils and tanks, Uwell offers an array of essential supplies to choose from.

Performance and style fuse with Uwell vape supplies. With safety at the heart of each design, Uwell is committed to providing users a smooth, unique vape experience they can enjoy through the lifespan of each device. Enhance the performance of your Uwell Crown IV with a colorful expansion kit that goes perfectly with the sub-ohm tank, or customize your RBA with reliable components that fit together with ease. Multipacks make it easy to swap out parts as needed, and varying resistance levels make it easy to create a unit that suits your e-liquid formulas and flavors of choice. Check out everything Uwell has to offer today. If you're just getting started, a Uwell vape starter kit can help ease you along.

Keep your mod up and running with reliable Uwell parts. Whether you prefer the regal style of a Crown IV or the sleek look of a Caliburn this brand offers a host of replacement parts you can use to extend the lifespan of your go-to Uwell mod. Here you can find items like replacement coils, glass tubes, tanks and more.

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