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Collection: Vanilla Cream Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Each vape should be as much about flavor as it is about nicotine. While many e-liquids are focused on the latter, mixes that contain vanilla cream bring flavor to the forefront. This helps make each hit impactful and intense.

Delight in Vanilla Cream E-Juice

Vanilla Cream is a bold flavor by Apollo Salts. This one is designed to resemble the scrumptious taste of a vanilla cupcake. With hints of French vanilla, this mix offers a light and airy taste with each vape and contains Nic Salts for a higher nicotine content.

More Popular Vanilla Cream Vape Juice Flavors

For a berry burst, grab a bottle of Blueberry by Cream Factory eJuice. Vanilla and whipped cream flavors swirl together to combine with the fruity flavor of blueberry on your palate. 

Olympus by Summit is an e-juice that mixes so much flavor into each drop, it's hard to imagine. The combination of vanilla ice cream, blackberry pie and a graham cracker crust flavors will grab you instantly.

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