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Collection: Watermelon Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Are you in the mood for something fruity? Meet your cravings with the mouthwatering taste of a watermelon e-juice. Brands like Time Bomb Vapors deliver with sweet and juicy flavors that mirror the fruit and blend it with others like strawberry, citrus and more to create mixtures that are positively pleasing with each inhale.

Cool Down with a Watermelon Vape Juice

Put a summertime twist on vaping with a fruity e-juice that tastes just like freshly sliced watermelon, or your favorite fruity mixed drink or cocktail. E-liquids like Watermelon Madness by Melon Twist treats your taste buds with a punch of fruit flavor, while Fuse by Time Bomb Vapors adds strawberry essences into the mix for a truly refreshing taste.

If you're in the mood for something a little more complex, flavors made with multiple fruits like Prickly Pear by Primus Vape Co. hit all the right notes. Also, you can beat the heat with a mentholated watermelon e-juice like .357 from Buckshot Vapors. Whether you're sitting by the pool or on a sandy beach, the menthol blast leaves your palate feeling cool and refreshed.

Have Your Watermelon E-Juice Your Way

Find a watermelon e-juice that'll leave you coming back for more. You’ll discover a wide range of VG (vegetable glycerin) to PG (propylene glycol) ratios to suit a variety of preferences here at There are 50 VG/50 PG watermelon e-juices for vapers who enjoy thinner mixtures, 80 VG/20 PG e-liquids for those who love watching voluminous clouds rise and 100% VG e-juices for those with sensitivities to PG.

Browse watermelon nic salt options that help meet demanding cravings and traditional e-liquids in varying nicotine strengths, including nicotine-free, today.