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What makes nearly every dessert even more of a treat? A healthy dollop of whipped cream on top. From ice cream sundaes and hot apple pies to fresh strawberries, whipped cream adds just the right amount of smooth, creamy sweetness. E-liquid brands like Vape Storm, Propaganda, and more have turned out delectable flavors made to treat your sweet tooth and your nicotine cravings.

Sweeten the Deal with Whipped Cream E-Juice

Enjoy the smooth hits of an e-juice that's softened by the sweet sensations of whipped cream. Berries N' Cream by Wisconsin Dairy Co. is a great place to start with its taste of freshly picked berries, and so is the sinfully delicious lemon-pudding flavor of Treason by Propaganda.

When you're craving a tasty dessert blend, check out e-liquids like Peaches and Cream By The Pound. Whether you're in the mood for strawberry shortcake and custard or fresh, ripe peaches and pound cake, these two flavors are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mouthwatering mint flavor is brought to life by mentholated and peppermint blends, like Peppermint Vanilla Ice Cream by Salvage. Thanks to minty whipped cream e-juice, hot days out are that much cooler.

From Max VG to Nic Salts, You’ll Find it at

Experiment with e-liquids with varying ratios of VG to PG in order to achieve the right amount of sweetness and clouds. At, our large selection means you’re likely to find what you’re looking for, including max VG e-liquid for sensitive palates. The whipped cream e-juice flavor profile comes in a variety of strengths from whipped cream nic salts to nicotine-free options, so it's easy to keep choose the right formula for your needs.

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