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Ensure your RDA is running smoothly with help from quality vape wicks. Often made from silica, organic cotton and more, the wick lies at the heart of your atomizer, carrying your e-liquids along. Find the wicks that soak up every drop of your e-liquid, minimizing leaks and maximizing performance for the lifespan of your equipment.

Find the Best Cotton for Vaping

No matter which vape wicking techniques you prefer, a quality product is essential. Browse clean materials that work well with a wide variety of coils, won't alter the taste of your e-liquid and completely saturate to help prevent those painfully dry hits.

Organic cotton from brands like Anarchist is one of the most used materials for e-cig wicks. It's easy to handle, widely available in most stores and, because it's organic, won't contain the insecticides and other chemicals often found in other types of cotton.

Japanese cotton from brands like Ninja Wick is another commonly used material for vape wicks. It often comes in pads, making it easy to handle and great as far as absorbency.

Find Your Vape Wick Material

When it comes time to change your wick, don't be left empty handed. Stock up on the material you prefer to use inside your RDA or try a new one. There are plenty of options at your disposal. Shop for clean, tasteless, highly absorbent wicks today.

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