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Hitt Go Disposable Vape - Pack of 10

Hitt Go Disposable Vape - Pack of 10

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Hitt Go Disposable Pod Device

Blueberry Pomegranate- Blueberry | Pomegranate | Fruit
Grape Jam- Grape Jam
Lychee Ice- Lychee | Menthol
Mango- Mango | Fruit
Mint- Mint | Menthol
Pineapple Dream- Pineapple | Fruit
Pog- Guava | Orange | Passionfruit
Smooth Tobacco- Tobacco Blend
Watermelon- Watermelon | Fruit
Banana Ice- Banana | Menthol
Guava- Guava | Fruit
Lemonade Ice- Lemonade| Menthol
Peachy Ice- Peach| Menthol
Punched Ice- Fruit Punch | Menthol
Milk Shake- Milk Shake(NEW)
OMG- Orange |Mango| Guava(NEW)
Orange Pop- Orange Soda(NEW)
The Loops- Cereal(NEW)
Very Berry- Berries(NEW)
Kiwi Berry- Kiwi | Berries(NEW)
Lush Ice- Watermelon | Menthol(NEW)
Melon Ice- Melons | Menthol(NEW)
Nana Berry- Banana | Strawberry(NEW)
Vanilla Caramel- Vanilla | Caramel(NEW)

280mAh Battery
50mg Nicotine
1.8mL Eliquid

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