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Did you know that e-juices can taste like your favorite culinary creations? Try out a custard vape juice. Rich and creamy, custard tastes great in pies, pastries and other desserts – why not try it in your vape tank? Custard-flavored e-juice ranges from the standard vanilla variety to fruity infusions ripe with flavor. Custard flavor can even be used to smooth out harsher tones to help make each hit one you'll be able to savor.

Make Vaping A Treat With Custard E-Juice

What's on the menu today? Let's start with Killer Kustard, a line by Vapetasia eJuice. Blueberry infusions and strawberry delights bring creamy, fruity taste to your lips, while the honeydew flavor adds a little something extra. For earthier tones, Royalty II mixes tobacco flavor with the taste of custard, nuts and sweet vanilla.

Custard vape juice from The Custard Shoppe includes butterscotch, blackberry and raspberry flavors that make each inhale a treat, leaving you with aromatic clouds.

If your taste buds are yearning for something more rugged, go rogue with a tobacco or a Cuban cigar flavor from brands like VGOD® TrickLyfe and the Ripe Collection by Vape 100. The smooth, creamy undertones even out the harsh tobacco and cigar flavors for a well-balanced taste that's sure to appease even the most discerning palates.

Find Some of the Best Custard Salt Nic E-Juice

While the name or label may not specifically call out custard by name, this flavor is widely incorporated in popular e-juice lines. Plus, you can enjoy those creamy sensations alongside your go-to nicotine strength and even find some of the best custard salt nic e-juice available.

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